F9-9 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Touch control 9D Stereo Headset with mic Sport Earphones Waterproof Earbuds LED display

$32.99 $79.99

Product description

1.Control method: Touch control;

2.Sound quality: HD noise reduction, 9D hifi stereo;

3.Power display: 3-screen LED digital display (shows the charge of the charging box and headphones);

4.Charging box battery: 2000mah;

5.Headphone battery: 50mah;

6.Headphone function: touch control, switch songs, volume adjustment, call voice assistant, answer / end call, automatically connect to mobile phone Bluetooth, IP68 waterproof.

9D Noise reduction

CD pattern fingerprint touch Switch songs, adjust volume, call voice assistant, answer calls

Four nuclear moving coil,HiFi stereo sound ,Professional tuning team.

HD Calling,cvc8.0 noise cancel

Continued listen to songs and play games

Automatically pair your phone's bluetooth

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