Graphite Pickleball Racket Honeycomb Composite Core Pickleball Paddle

    • ¡úLIGHT BUT DURABLE AND BALANCED - The pickleball paddle comes with cover.With a lightweight of 7.8 OZ, our pickleball paddle strikes the perfect balance between great gameplay, control, power, and maneuverability. This pickleball racket is noticeably lighter than any wood paddle, ball comes off the racket face with power and control.
    • ¡úPREMIUM GRIP, PERFECT HANDLE SIZE - The pickleball paddle could be nicely handled. Perforated, sweat absorbent cushioned grip of the paddle help you enjoy longtime play without fatigue. Handle circumference at 4.25 inches allows for wrist action, spin, power and quick hand changes flawlessly.
    • ¡úUNBEATABLE SPECIFICATIONS, INCREDIBLE VALUE - This pickleball paddle comes with a graphite face with honeycombed polymer core which provides nice pop while the PP honeycomb core gives the paddle great feel and touch. The beginner paddle is vastly superior in feel, balance, and construction. Our pickleball paddle virtually eliminates dinging and denting.
    • ¡úTHE EDGE GUARD OF THE PADDLE PROVIDES BEST PROTECTION - Pickleball racket has an edge guard which provides protection on ground hits. Low profile edge guard protects paddle edges, yet slim enough to reduces mishits it features corner-shield and Interlocking neck-guard, greatly enhance strength and durability.
    • ¡úCOMES WITH RACKET COVER EASY TO CARRY - The most popular pickleball paddle in the world, unique design, excellent touch paddle for superior ball control. Excellent for beginners to intermediate players and take your game up a notch.
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