Retractable Dog Leash,16.4ft Heavy Duty Pet Walking Leash

$17.01 $39.99
  • Size Length Heavy Duty
    M ft KG lbs
    S 3M 9.8ft 10KG 22lbs
    L 5M 16.4ft 17KG 37.5lbs

  • 9.8ft,16.4ft retractable cord leash provides more extensive freedom for dogs to wander and sniff around. it’s suitable for any types of small and medium size dogs, cats and small animals up to 50lb weight. Dogs could be well controlled and guided when training, walking and jogging. Auto-stretch tracking tape could prevent to be tangled, which is convenient to storage.
  • Eco-friendly & durable PP casing with a modern look, stainless steel internal spring that won't corrode, and high strength nylon ribbon. No more buying a new leash every year. Smooth and easy one touch locking system ensures the capability to adjust the length of the leash as you need. One hand operation.
  • One hand operation. One-button control for ease of use. The suspend and release functions of the dog extendable lead are concentrated on one button and can be easily accomplished by simply scrolling with the thumb. The dog strap can be smoothly retracted and released at any angle.
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